Get Out of The Boat.

Matthew 14:28-30 “Lord, if it is You,” Peter replied, “command me to come to You on the water.” “Come”, said Jesus. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water, and came toward Jesus. But when he saw the strength of the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!”


Have you ever had that get out of the boat moment in your walk? What did God ask you to do? Was it sowing an extravagant seed to a ministry? Going on the mission field or being obedient in what He’s asked of you? Peter’s story is one of complete trust and radical faith in Jesus when He asked Jesus to command him to come to him. They were surrounded by water, no plank to walk on and no life boat to get on and paddle to Jesus. Peter knew this when he asked Jesus to ask him to come to Him but that didn’t stop him from asking! So Peter gets on the water, walks a few steps and starts sinking when he saw the strength of the wind even though the same Jesus who was walking on water had not been affected by the waves.


Do you identify with Peter? I do.


I know this story is about Peter walking on water and more so the power of God being made manifest in Peter when he, a mortal man walked on water. When I struggle with something, I tell myself it’s to get out of the boat and walk on water. JUST TRUST GOD.


Years ago, I was so on fire for Jesus and pursued Him relentlessly. I wanted my life to be all His, to live the rest of my life for Him in a way that would honor Him. In that process of building my prayer life and loving the intimacy between us, God called me to prayer and at first I thought I was imagining things. Why would God call me? I was very shy and awkward around new people. My first reaction was ‘no way God would ask me to pray for people knowing I would not represent Him well. Then He started whispering people’s names and their needs and I would pray for them. I was okay with that part of my calling. I had no idea there was more so I became so comfortable in the “boat” that when He revealed the other part of the call I remained in the ‘boat’, it was my comfort zone. (I had not realized that when I was praying for others, God was building my character). I wasn’t asking to be known by anyone, I was more than okay being behind the scenes and while I don’t pursue the lime light God has a way of putting intercessors and others who serve Him smack in the middle of that limelight where people seek them out for prayers and other things depending on the ministers call. I admit it took me learning to trust God from a different angle. He was putting me out there on His field with a covering of His call, His anointing and His gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Only thing is, I decided I wasn’t ready but God was.


God created this world by speaking creation into being and it was so. Man was the only one He created in his image. (Gen 1) I can marvel at all of that and shout Amen when I hear a sermon of creation or Peter walking on water. Yet when He asked me to step out and do something out of my comfort zone, I balked and ran the other way, remained stagnant and called it ‘waiting on the Lord’. I have a few friends who are in that phase and are walking circles around what they should be doing already. I know, I know, I’ve been guilty of that too but when we understand that Our Father would never put us to shame saying yes when we know we are not perfect would be instant. God doesn’t call the perfect into ministry and reading the bible spotlights the men and women He used for His glory who had some flaws like; Peter denied Jesus three times, Paul murdered Christians, Moses murdered an Egyptian, Abraham lied, Isaac lied, Jacob stole His bothers birthright. I love the fact that God chose to use broken vessels that were flawed and many would have disqualified them as unfit for ministry.  I didn’t do any of those things (I’ve lied before) but just like He called them and used them, He was calling me and after He had raised me up to certain level, it was time for promotion and I kept looking back at the past flawed me instead of the redeemed me. Sometimes I wonder what goes through His mind we get stuck waiting even though He has said move in more ways than one. I’ve wondered what He thought when I was the one who stood on the sidelines while everyone else got busy. I asked for faith and boldness but when opportunity came for me to step out and allow God to pour boldness and faith, I was ready to bolt the other way.


Get out of the boat. Many people who had been stuck are now out of the boat and serving God and love it! Praying for people face to face is almost like second nature to me now and others who have struggled in this area.  It’s so easy! The Holy Spirit does the work through me and them. All I have to be is willing and yield so Gods power moves and He is glorified and exalted when His children receive healing or deliverance or prayers get answered!


For anyone who is struggling to step out because of your past or other reasons, dare to be bold and get out of the boat. Let the One who called you to be His minister show you just how much He can do through you. You can touch so many lives when you are no longer on the sidelines. Clinging to the boat didn’t do much for me but when I stepped out, I was amazed by Gods power and His love for His children. Come on, you can be like Peter and step out and if the winds come and sway you, Jesus is there to catch you. He will even rebuke the winds for your sake. ~ blessings.

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