Celebrated, Loved And Accepted.

I just celebrated my daughter’s birthday recently. The night before, she lay cuddled in my arms while my mind went down memory lane as it does every year on the eve of her birthday. I looked at the time and thought; I was having contractions this time years ago. The following morning, I got nostalgic at the time of her birth. I looked at her precious little 8 year old face and remembered the vow I made to the Lord the day I found out I was pregnant. That day I gave my child to the Lord and asked that He help me raise her according to His will and purpose for her life and He’s been constant and present in her life since. Each birthday has always been special and this one was no different.
On the morning of her birthday, my daughter said to me, ‘Momma, after today, we stop celebrating right?’ I looked at her and said, ‘No, I celebrate you every day!’ Her eyes twinkled, her smile, grew and her little arms tightly held my neck in a loving embrace. She loves that I celebrate her every day. While birthdays are special, my daughter needs to know we don’ have to wait for that day to have a party or go somewhere special. It’s all about love.
I know there are those without family but know there are many who celebrate you and the best part is God celebrates you even more. He is your Creator, Father and Friend, As a single mom with no family close by, I got sad one time coz it was just my daughter and I in a new city but God made me realize, we didn’t need people to feel special. We have Him. He has us. I learnt to celebrate each day with Him because whether I’m aware of it or not, He’s always celebrating me because He loves me. This time around, God brought my attention to those who have never heard someone say ‘I love you’ or ‘I celebrate you’ and my heart broke for them. The Fathers heart breaks when many of His children, and I mean believers are not aware of who they are to Him and just how much He loves them. We read John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. and are thankful for God gave Jesus as a sacrifice for our redemption. Before even tells us who He gave to ransom us, He lets His love known. ‘For God SO LOVED THE WORLD. He loved us so much and He gave His Son, part of the Trinity to come down in flesh and take on our sins. He loved us so much that His Son, though innocent suffered horribly in our place. Yes, I know there is still suffering and persecution for the believer but God gave His Son for us. He loved us so much.
 I pray that those who don’t know who they are to the Father, their eyes will be opened and they will know without a doubt they are precious and are daily celebrated in the heavens. I’m thankful that God allowed me to have very special moment with my daughter because I not only saw her security in my love for her, I say her through Gods eyes. She is precious. She is adored. She is accepted. She is celebrated. She is His before she is mine. You who are struggling with your identity as a child Of God, know that He loves you, accepts, celebrates, rejoices over you, adores you….the list is long because the Limitless Gods love is unconditional. It is without fault. It cannot be hindered and that’s why the enemy fights you and prevents you from seeing the heart of the Father. The heartbeat of God is for His precious children that call on Him, those who seek Him whether they are broken or not. You are not alone, many are praying for you, rooting for you, and I believe God will connect you with the right people. Ask Him to show you His love, to teach you how to receive His love and how to know you are very much loved by Him. I pray that His love fills you to overflow.

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