How do you relate with God?

Its good having someone we can trust at all times, someone we can go to when things get tough. Those friends are priceless and irreplaceable and hard to come by too.  Our relationship with God should be no different, if anything, it should be more intimate. More and more the Lord is laying a burden in my heart about identity. We know God, we love Him and we have a relationship with Him yet connecting with him on a deeper level is a struggle for some. A woman I once worked with shared how she never thought she could talk to God about certain things. ‘God is too Holy.’ Those were her words. She didn’t feel like she was saved enough to approach God in a certain way. Asking God for certain things was not something she was comfortable with. It amazed me that though she had been a born again Christian for over 40 years, she still didn’t know her identity but then, neither did I but at the time, I thought I was better off than her. I could speak to God about anything but trusting Him completely was something I didn’t do and I didn’t know that until the Lord pointed out that flaw. This verse was an eye opener when He started dealing with my heart. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.

When people start dating, they spend so much time together either in person, on the phone or both. Once they fall in love, it’s like a day doesn’t have enough hours for what they have to talk about or the time they’d love to be in each others company. Sadly some have settled to text dating. They don’t know how to converse one on one but are pretty good about expressing themselves via text and then when they get married, they can’t communicate properly because the foundation was never laid and end up having problems in their marriage. Friendships work the same way. If you do not make time for your friends, the relationship suffers and if not corrected it dies altogether. We have to cut off those friends who wouldn’t pick up the phone to call us or answer our calls but would spend hour’s texting if we settled for that. It’s exhausting and lacks depth and ingredients any relationship needs to grow and thrive. The one sided relationships where you are constantly giving and never receiving relationships are not healthy either. Every relationship needs balance. We want our friends to love us and care for us like we do them. We want them to take the time to know us as we do them.

It’s the same with God. If you don’t spend time with Him, how are you going to connect with Him? How will you get to know Him if you do not sit and talk to Him and read His word? Spending time in His presence is essential in cultivating intimacy; it’s not just about you talking but Him talking as well and you get to listen to His beautiful glorious whisper. The easiest relationship I will ever have is that with the Lord. He’s very easy to talk to and hearing His voice is something I crave daily. When I open my bible, I’m ready to know Him on a deeper level no matter how many times I read the same word. When I pray, my main goal is not to ask Him for things but to know Him more and fall in love with Him more. There’s something about God that draws me to Him like a magnet does metal. His very presence is powerful enough for me to just bask in His glory for however long I desire and the best part is, He doesn’t get tired of my company. He will never tell me He’s gotta go do this or do that. He’s always there. I get to know Him when I serve Him in ministry too. When I see how He moves in other people’s lives, I’m getting to know another aspect of Him. How amazing is that! It’s not just what He does for us that teach us about Him, but what He does for others, the testimonies we get to hear open another page of knowing God.

I’ll be honest though, cultivating this relationship came at a price. I had to forsake fleshly desires and I have no regrets. Those TV programs I watched dutifully – reruns included – took a back seat. Those books I couldn’t seem to put down, I stopped reading all together because I wanted more of my Father. You see, I didn’t have a close relationship with my biological father and I struggled getting close to God in the beginning but my mom who was a born again believer and a woman who loved to pray had taught me one thing, God knew everything. So I figured, if He knows everything then I can’t hide anything from Him and if John 3:16-17 (For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. 17 For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved) is true then, nothing I had done would sideline me in His eyes. So I started on a journey that was bumpy and full of mistrust, I didn’t praise Him at first, I reminded Him of all the times He had not answered my prayers. I‘m so grateful that God is so loving and very patient because like a toddler learning to walk, He showed me how He had answered those prayers. It wasn’t in the ways I had wanted but He had addressed every issue I presented to Him. So I grew to trust Him and learnt to not shut down when I didn’t get the answers I wanted it. I matured in Christ and now, while I may get disappointed if a prayer was answered differently, I trust God because He knows best.

If you are struggling with connecting with the Lord, ask Him to teach you how to trust Him. Let Him point out areas in your walk or in you that need to change. Let Him show you ways you can get to know Him. Trust Him when the answer is no as much as you would when the answer is yes. Trust Him to lead you where you have no control because He does have all things in control and know without a doubt He will lead you through anything. I love the saying “if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.’ Trust Him because only then can you really get to know Him. No relationship is built on mistrust; a relationship with God is no different. He can and will teach you how to trust Him if you let Him.

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