Stretched Faith. Believing for the Impossible

What happens when you want something that is beyond your reach? Do you go for it or look at the pros and cons?  If you are hiking a mountain, do you look at it then go back or try to see how far you can climb? As kids, my siblings, neighborhood kids and I used to climb trees or scale walls. We’d find tall trees with big branches and climb then perch our little selves on one of the big branches or sometimes we’d get adventurous and jump down. I’ve hiked down a crater in Kenya (Menengai Crater) as a way of celebrating finishing high school. It was pretty awesome and very scary yet I did it holding my breath when the lose volcanic rocks would give way under my shoes (not hiking boots either) then continue when as if I had not panicked a second ago. We climbed down, ate lunch and actually spent the night. The following day, on very sore limbs we made our way back up. When I look at the picture of the crater, it’s hard to believe at the age of 18, I climbed down then back up

I admit I’ve faced some challenges that I didn’t handle very well. I’ve wondered why I never thought back to that day I climbed the crater and felt encouraged that if I could face that physical challenge, I could face spiritual challenge with the same confidence and stand firm in knowing Christ is with me in the storm But with age, comes experience and maturity so now I focus on what Jesus says: I am more than a conqueror. I don’t go looking for battles to fight; I don’t need to as the enemy who comes to kill steal and destroy works against the body of Christ. I have learned to put on the full armor of Christ every day. I have learned to pray for the impossible and trust God to do what God needs to do and accept His will for my life even when it’s hard. I’ve learnt to let my faith be stretched even when it’s painful and uncomfortable. I’ve also learnt that while I can list all this things and look like I’ve got all down, I sill struggle and acknowledge that I need the Holy Spirits help to maneuver through whatever situation I’m in.

Do you remember that thing you prayed for years ago but stopped because you didn’t see it come to pass? What about that condition you have; do you remember those days when you prayed believing God for a healing but stopped because nothing happened? What about that car or house you wanted? Why did you stop praying; why did you stop believing God for a breakthrough, healing, deliverance? I’ve read articles where people said the most unbelievable things like maybe it’s not Gods will to heal you or for you to own a house. God didn’t tell you, you won’t receive healing or own a new car or house but because you gave up when the going got tough, you’ll never know if He was working on it. I’ve been there. I gave up too soon. I decided to get comfortable in my lack even though God might have been working behind the scenes. I couldn’t handle being even more disappointed so I quit. How many have quit I even once heard a pastor say if God doesn’t heal you, you can go see a doctor. That made me sad. Because we have decided there is a plan B to Gods ability to do things, we look for plan B before we even go before God.

Matthew 17:20 “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

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