Perspective: It’s Getting Real

There are some conversations that God has with us that bring things in perspective. It’s like He unveils what was in front of us all along and there’s no avoiding the facts of the vision God has given. The topic of “Your Calling” has been around me a lot the last few days and I finally decided to pray about it. God started speaking and showing me areas I was holding back because I was afraid what people will think. I cannot afford to remain incognito in the gifts. The gifts and call that God has given me are not here to overwhelm me, intimidate me or scare me because they are from God and let’s face it, God is not the author of confusion and fear, intimidation are not His tactic but the devils. The enemy brings those emotions to make one feel inadequate or unqualified because his goal is to destroy the plan of God even though he will never succeed.

I love what a pastor said in my church this past Sunday ‘only you can fulfill what God has called you to do coz you are the best at what Gods called you to.’ That is so true. No one else can fulfill your calling for you. You can’t hire someone, give them the vision and say go and do then sit back and wait for them to accomplish what you have been called to accomplish. You have a responsibility to the call of God and it’s up to you to be obedient or not. You cannot run from your calling, you can’t change it, add to it or take from it. God’s plans are concrete, they contain no errors. He doesn’t it play by ear like some of us do, His ways, word and plans are firm and concrete. That is a hard reality to some because they’d rather stay in the background and let others do it all. The gifts that God has given you are sure and true. He will not take them back so trust you have been called for greatness. (Romans 11:29 for the gifts and calling of God are without repentance).

A leader once told a group of us that God is not looking for spectators but partakers. Be actively involved in the plan of God instead of waiting for God to paint it all out. You cannot move to the next step until you act on what He’s already given you. I used to say God I want more when some of what He’d given me was lying dormant. It wasn’t until God showed me the pile of ‘to do’ that I understood why the more I was seeking was not fully pouring in. I needed to be actively doing His will. Jesus said pick up your cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24-26; Luke 9:23; Mark 8:34). Those who have a clear vision of what God has called them to have a choice to be obedient or disobedient. I can’t tip toe around my calling or just dip my toes to test things out. It’s either I’m in or out, there’s no being on the fence about things. So last night, my reality was shaken up as I sat listening to my Father and He unveiled issues in my heart that have kept me quiet and complacent. I serve in ministry but there is one thing I’ve been silent about. It’s time to rise up and do and even though there is a plan in place to get started and I shouldn’t worry about how I will do it. He’s my plan because all things come from Him and the work I’m to do to will be directed by Him.

 Chosen vessels have a voice that needs to be heard. I’m not talking about being obnoxious but serving God with humility and confidence; moving when God says move because His favor is with them.  Chosen vessels cannot be afraid to stand out because that is exactly where God has put them because in standing out, you have stepped out and in stepping out you touch people who need a touch from God.

I’m grateful and thankful that I can open up like this because there are some who are ‘in hiding’ as far as their call to serve is concerned. Your gifts are not a mistake; don’t be afraid to use them. The gifts of God are irrevocable (Romans 11:29). Don’t worry about what others will think, be obedient and let God lead you, because He called you not because you qualify in man’s eye but because He qualified you in His eyes. His favor is upon you when you move in obedience. His hand will guide your every step. Trust Him when He says you are His chosen vessel (1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light) and silence the voice of the accuser. Step out and stand out; not being flashy or prideful but be clothed with humility. Only you can fulfill your God given destiny.

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