In the waiting. Keeping Your Faith

We all know what waiting means but most of us struggle in the wait. It’s not a season we want to be in; we’d rather breeze through between the spoken promise to fruition of the  promise and all together skip the waiting on the promise. I’ve seen people totally turn away from God in the wait, they get disappointed and point a finger at the Lord and even accuse Him of not being real or keeping His word. Waiting for fulfillment of a promise can really test our faith and if we are not careful, we can lose our balance and focus on the need more instead of the blesser who is Jesus Christ. Let me make this clear right now; if God spoke, trust me, He will fulfill it but you have to play your part, faith is key but so is remaining prayerful. Don’t forsake your prayer closet just because God has said He will do something and since you know He is not man that He should lie (Numbers 23:19) and the promises of God are ye and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20) and stay out of the secret place. There is a real enemy out there and his job is to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and if he can get his filthy hands on your promise, he will.

I spoke to a lady who was upset that something that God had promised her was delayed and in arrogance said, ‘I’ll just do what my flesh wants. I don’t trust Him anymore.’ I tried to encourage her but her mind was set to doing what the flesh wanted. This broke my heart but I understood what she was going through. Like her, many of us have had to wait on a promise. We have fasted, prayed and even sown seed yet, the promise did not come to fruition in what we thought was the appointed time. Is it because God failed? No. God never fails. He always comes through on His promises. I’m not talking about what someone else may have told you the Lord will do for you; I’m talking about what you heard from the Lord directly and you know and you know it was Him who spoke to you in the secret place. John 10:27 ‘My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me’. The more time you spend with the shepherd the easier it is to know His voice. A sheep farmer will tell you the sheep in his pasture will recognize him because he spends time with them.  It’s so easy hearing the good things He has for us but when it comes to praying it through, many fail in this arena. Yes, God spoke, Yes He will fulfill and no the wait is not always pleasant but it builds you. You became better at being patient, praying through your promises and the best part is you get so much closer to Jesus because you invest heavily Him in prayer not to constantly remind Him of His promise but to be with Him. Being with Jesus should be the most important reason of why we pray. Intimacy is important.

This lady I spoke to was excited about God speaking to her about this desire of her heart. She couldn’t wait to receive the blessing but she got tired of waiting. She didn’t pursue the Lord in prayer. She neglected the secret place. I encouraged her to go back to her prayer closet and remain hidden in Jesus and not so she can see the fruition of this promise which would be wonderful but to get closer to Him so the next time she is waiting she will not fall away. Her anger unfortunately got the best of her tongue and that was the end of it.

There was a time I went through a very trying few months. The Lord had spoken to me when that season had just started and told me He would open a door soon. By the second month, I was desperate and I made the mistake of looking at tomorrow’s needs instead of today’s blessing. Each day the Lord would send me help yet each day I worried about the future. We tend to do that sometimes, it’s our human nature to plan ahead and that is a good principle but we need to remember who holds our future. As believers our heaviest investment should be made in Jesus Christ because despite what we are facing or not facing today, He is present. I confident in two leaders who I thought will help me since “the word of the Lord was not bearing fruit’ in my desperate time and that was one big mistake I will never make again. I questioned the validity of what God had spoken to me about. They betrayed my trust and random people would come up to me to ask how my situation was and to give their sympathy and a whirlwind of confusion and fear hit me full force. The enemy played on this one too. I remember being in a fetal position on my living room floor, feeling defeated and hopeless and unable to pray. What was there to pray for? I felt the Lord had abandoned me. I will never forget the firm, stern and powerful voice that got me out of the fringes of depression. ‘What are you doing on the floor? Get up and pray.’ I started crying and told the Lord I didn’t know how to pray as I had sunk too low. I love His next statement. ‘Who will you believe? God or man?’ while I was processing that He said, ‘Did I not speak and will I not fulfill? Is the hand of the Lord shortened?’ With tears rolling down my cheeks I knelt arms stretched out and a cry rose from me as my words which had been feeble were now strong and my body felt like a warriors and prayed like my life depended on it and at the time, it did. Within a week I had my breakthrough because each day after that, I spent hours in my prayer closet. I know not all have and will get the same results but that breakthrough taught me a few lessons. Trust God and maintain the secret place. Nothing in my life is worth me not spending time with the Lord. I have learnt to weather the waiting seasons by remaining in the secret place.

If you or someone you know is struggling with waiting on Gods promises, I want to encourage you to be patient. He spoke it; He will do it. Spend time with Him in your prayer closet and don’t rush it. Talk to Him, prayer is a dialogue not monologue. A relationship takes two to make it work, He said I will never leave you nor forsake you so give Him your love and attention. Pray your promises through and rejoice when you start walking into your breakthrough and do not forsake the secret place when the breakthrough comes. God bless you!

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