Burning Flames of Love

Song of Solomon 3:4 I have found the one whom my soul loves

My Love, My Bridegroom, You have put flames of Love in my heart. Fan them that my heart may burn for You. I thirst for more of You. I long to sit at Your feet and embrace Your Holy presence. I seek a deeper walk with You my King. My heart desires, it yearns for what only You can give. My Jesus.  My Friend. My Love. My only One.

His Love stirred my heart, His fire burning through my being. He held out His hand, ‘Join Me,’ He said. My heart racing with anticipation, I took His hand, standing on rubbery feet. How could He love one as low as me? Knowing my thoughts, He smiled and said. “Do not say such of yourself. You are My beloved”. He asked me to walk with Him and I fell in step beside Him holding on to His hand as if my life depended on it; it does. He is the breath of Life, my sustenance. Son of God, chosen One, perfect One, flawless One, Bridegroom, the one my heart delights in walked me to the meadow, bright light streaming through the trees, sunlight gleaming on the surface of the lake, a breeze so gentle like a lovers caress teased my hair and I turn my face up and enjoyed a moment of the suns warmth. Peace. It was so peaceful. A heavy silence saturated with His presence, a consuming fire flaring to life a new in the stillness of the moment. I turn my head to look at my Beloved and His face was a glow with love for me. His breathe fanning the fire in my heart, sending flames cascading down to my toes and my heart fluttered at His overwhelming love. My beloved is mine and I am His Song of Solomon 2:16.

The knowledge of belonging to Him put a spring in my step. I walked beside Him, my gait light, my lungs drawing Him in in gulps, joy bubbling up from the pits of my belly and musical laughter flowing from my lips. I notice my dress is white as snow and look in wonder at the One who holds my hand. “How can it be”? I ask? With laughter in His voice and a twinkle in His eyes, He reminds me I’m in the presence of the perfect One. When He arrives at the scene nothing remains as it was. All things are transformed in Him and through Him; my garment He says is symbolic to the condition of my heart. Because of Him, I am a new creation. His blood washed me white as snow. I marvel at the beauty of His words. They are true to my ears. The well of love deepens in my already full and overflowing heart. He has awakened my heart to a new passion of singing His words, each lyric a sentiment of His perfectness. My voice carries as words so sweet roll from a heart so rich and full of His love. My feet move in tune, my frame bowing in reverence to the Holy One. I rise up to see Him watching as if dazzled with my singing knowing deep down it is I who is dazzled by Him. I love rolling in the deep of His presence, drinking from His well of Love, eating from His table and reclining in His arms.

You are altogether beautiful my love, there is no flaw in you. Song of Solomon 4:7

Who says love is not perfect? In Christ, love is as perfect as the Son Himself. He is flawless. He defines perfection for He is perfection. In Him my heart rejoices, in Him my soul delights.

Who says there is no perfect marriage? The Bridegroom is perfect. He perfects His bride in His presence. His is a marriage made in Heaven. His is a marriage that will know no strife. His is a marriage that always overflows. Seek His heart, seek His face, seek His very person and be saturated by His very being. Presence is everything.


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