When Love Comes Home

Song of Solomon 1:2-4 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine; your anointing oils are fragrant; your name is oil poured out; therefore virgins love you. Draw me after you; let us run. The king has brought me into his chambers.

He showed up and never left. That is my Love. He is the One my heart longs for. He is the One my heart delights in. He is my breath. Yes, He is the One I speak of, the One I live for, the One I delight in. He is my home.

This is how it happened.

Revelation 3:20 Now pay attention; I am standing at the door and knocking. If any of you hear My voice and open the door, then I will come in to visit with you and to share a meal at your table, and you will be with Me (The Voice)

He knocked on the door. I opened and beheld His glory. His very presence stunned me. He is glorious! I stared; He smiled. I stammered; He was eloquent. He asked me if He could come in and I fell face down unable to move. Shaking with excitement, I invited Him in not sure how He would get around me. My frame was still face down on my floor.

“Come” He lifted me up and carried me in. Bridegroom. He’s home. Love had come home.

My heart beat wildly and all I could do is stare. He is breathtaking. He is Divine! He is Jesus; the love of my life. He set me on my feet and I had to hold on to Him. Did I tell you His presence is glorious? He is majestic. He is pure.

‘Did I surprise you?’ He asked His voice merry.

“Not really. You said You would come. And You’ve come.” I answered unsure of myself. Do I look okay? I look down at my clothes and tears well in my eyes. Everything shone. I looked at Him as tears spilled down my cheeks and asked Him how. His smile made my heart flutter. He was God! Anything He touches changes.

“You’re My bride.” He whispered. “You are my beloved.” He added.

His voice. His words. They caressed my heart and I fell at His feet. Again. How could I stand before the one who gives me life? I felt low. I felt low. At His feet is where I belonged. I am but flesh yet He looked at me like I was the priciest jewel. I felt His words of how He felt about me. I was His bride. I was precious. I was worth more than the priciest jewels. He treasured me and He desired to be with me.

My beloved is mine and I am His. Song of Solomon 2:16

He lifted me up and carried me. Again. He sat me down and laid my head on His chest. His heart beat was heaven. His breathing was life giving. His arms as they held me were like an anchor. So we sat in silence as Heaven filled me. I knew He knew my thoughts. I knew He knew my heart. I was too overwhelmed to form words and He was content to just sit and be with me.

“I love You” I said surprised my voice was strong and steady.

He chuckled. He knew my thoughts. I smiled as His chuckle rumbled right through my being. Home. Love had come home. This was my life now. Jesus is my life now. Nothing I do is lost to Him. Everything I do goes back to Him. He is my beloved. The One my heart beats for.

He’s knocking. Let Him come in and dine with you and you with Him. Jesus is our home; our foundation and the bible says “unless the Lord builds the house, They labor in vain who build it; Unless the Lord guards the city, The watchman stays awake in vain”. (Psalm 127:1) Jesus is our anchor, our home.

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