Will You Obey?

Genesis 22:1 Now it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham, and said to him, “Abraham!” And he said, “Here I am.”

In Verse 2, we read that God told Abraham to offer Isaac to Him as a burnt offering on mount Moriah. Can you imagine how hard it must have been for Abraham to hear that? Yet he obeyed. An angel of the Lord intervened and Abraham ended up offering a ram he saw caught in the thicket.

For the last few weeks, the Lord has been giving me Genesis 22:1 and Matthew 22:1. At first, it was kind of exciting going through the searching out hidden treasures journey as He would add verses from different books that tied to what He wanted to show me. Through our adventures together, I began to feel that this verse was more than a “treasure hunt” and there was more. Imagine my surprise when I asked the Holy Spirit if there was something I was missing and He said yes. Even more surprising was Him putting it in my heart to not only share this for this week’s blog, but to also share part of my journey as He unveiled what I had not laid down. Obedience is not always easy but it’s necessary. You never know who needs to hear your testimony and God deserves the glory: always.

I can’t imagine what Abraham must have felt when God told Him to go sacrifice the son he had waited for for years. His only son, the son of old age to be offered as a sacrifice, the same way he would offer a ram or goat, he was to give his son. He didn’t have another child yet Abraham loved the Lord enough to follow His instructions. I love the Lord very much too. However, when God told me He was moving me, and I was to pack all my bags I hesitated because I didn’t know when the exact date of moving was. I prayed and prayed, even fasted and waited upon Him to tell me when the exact date was but it never came. I questioned whether I’d heard right, if it was God who had spoken and even then, I heard nothing. People always say God is a God of order which is true but never assume He would not ask you to do something out of the ordinary. His protocol and our protocol differ and we are to be careful to follow His protocol. I didn’t have to do what Abraham was asked to do, but I had to follow the instructions just like Abraham did. I stalled in the beginning, but thanks to a merciful and forgiving Father, I had a chance to obey. So after a painful revelation of disobedience, taking responsibility for my actions and repenting, I packed everything I was told to pack, the next step was revealed and it was very clear and now I’m rejoicing in the blessing

Someone once shared that God wanted her to leave her job and go into full-time ministry. She said she and her husband couldn’t manage without her job so they decided she would remain employed until God gave them a financial increase. I don’t why she thought God wouldn’t provide, why she assumed they’d be poor and struggle. God will not ask you to give up something He’s not willing to provide for. He will always cover you. I can testify to that. Many can testify to that. Later she found out a relative had left a substantial amount of money as an inheritance but it was tied up. See, God already had a plan in place to provide financially and this inheritance was more than enough to provide for them they didn’t need to ever work but because she looked at her hand and not at the hand of God, her inheritance remained tied up until the day she obeyed.  Abraham could have looked at his old age and asked God to ask him for another sacrifice. He could have argued it wasn’t fair; that God shouldn’t ask him to give up Isaac. He could have decided to fast and pray for a replacement sacrifice or questioned if He really heard God. I know I’m not the only who has conveniently misheard God when the request stretched our limits. All of a sudden you’re not sure if you’re really hearing God and literally imagine Him saying something different that will suit you. Yep, I’ve been there and I hated it coz I could feel in my spirit I was contending with God but I still hoped He’d change His mind. Obedience is not like a buffet line, it’s either you’re in or out. Thank goodness He gives us opportunities to obey.

What is God asking you to lay down? What has He asked you to give up? What have you done about it? Spend time in prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to show you anything you maybe holding on to then move on it as He leads.  Here’s the bottom line, when you believe and put no limitations on God, He will show Himself mighty in the most mind blowing ways. God doesn’t ask us to step out of comfort zones for no reason. You may not understand it, that’s okay, trust Him enough and move in obedience. Don’t pick or choose your obedience level; be all in even when you don’t understand.

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