Not One Life

Mark 16:15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature

I saw them. They were many. So many life boats drifting in the ocean. I ran to the water calling out. I was frantic. No one was answering. No life stirred. My heart beat wild with fear. My eyes watered and my feet picked up speed. I splashed in the water swimming fast as I could to reach them. I looked in one. No one was there. I swam for the next life boat. No one was there. I screamed on top of my lungs. ‘Anyone there?’ Nothing.  Just stillness.

“Lord, no!” I prayed. “Not one can be lost Lord. Not one!”

I swam for the next boat and found nothing. My strength was failing. ‘One more boat’ I said to myself and swam with all my might. I looked and my heart broke. A small doll lay in the middle but no one was inside. Depleted of strength, I got in, clutched the doll to my chest and cried and anguished cry for lives lost.

“Hello!’ A voice, faint and scared called out.

I looked around hoping to see the one life I could save. But no one was there. I looked back at the doll and back at the sea. Someone is out there, someone needs me. Someone is calling out. I have to answer. I have to go. I jumped back in the water, taking the doll with me. I swam, called, swam, and called until something brushed against me. I turned scared only to find a child staring up at me. ‘You came.’ She said.

Back on shore, with the child clutched in my arms, I sobbed, desperate to warm her freezing body. I prayed. I cried. I prayed. I cried. Just one life. Only one life was saved that day. My heart breaking, I stood up and staggered to the white house and entered it barely able to stand. I saw the white blanket and wrapped the child in it.

One life. Only one life was saved today.

“You came” the child said again.

“Yes, I came” was all I could say.

It was then that I realized it is better to save one life than none at all. Heaven rejoices when the 1 is saved. We all have to start somewhere, one soul, one life at a time. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”. (John 14:6)

(Lord Jesus help me share about You to the lost and dying that You maybe known by them. Amen.)

7 thoughts on “Not One Life

    1. Hi Tony. No it’s not. It was inspired by a video I watched and visions I had after of life boats…in the visions, I was pulling people into the life boat.


      1. Hmm, interesting indeed. The visions were so real to me and while writing this blog, I could see, hear and feel it…it was that real to me. God is amazing!


      2. Wow, that’s a powerful vision! I love how God uses simple things to communicate an important message.


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