Heart Of Flesh

Ezekiel 36:26 which says “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.


Last year as I prepared for a conference, I started praying this verse and felt a shift in the atmosphere. I wanted something new. I’m always seeking more, a deep unto deep relationship where He’s pulling me deeper into Him and I’m yielding. So during the 4 days of the conference, each day, the Lord showed me things in me that needed to go.

I had fear of man; I didn’t know that until He pointed out certain things that had stopped me from fully stepping into my calling. I repented and was delivered from that. I was amazed by how free I felt and how easy it was to maneuver into certain areas in ministry I’d been afraid to move because of rejection. After the conference, when rejection came, I didn’t shy from being obedient. You see certain people will reject you; not because what you carry is false but because of issues within their own heart. The one thing I’ve experienced, is when I’m obedient to His leading, the Holy Spirit bears witness to what I say or do and things/people don’t affect me because His covering is on me and my ministry and the fruit has come without fail. I’ve also learnt to not bear false responsibilities the hard way. When the Lord tells you it’s not up to you for His promise to come to pass and you keep carrying the burden, it wears you down and eventually you fall short – you stop moving forward; you fear doing more. Your faith should never be on the end result; it should always be in Jesus. Your focus should never be on the goal but on Jesus. He is more than able to lead you towards the goal He has set before you.

A hardened heart will never yield to the Lord. Being on the fence is false obedience. A humble heart will seek His will; it will cry out ‘give me a heart of flesh and take out the heart of stone’. I learnt a lot from a simple prayer as I saw the Fathers hands molding me into who He desired me to be in that season. The Lord scrubbed me clean of old seasons and old systems much like He did with Israel. I became God-willed and not self-willed. I moved into certain promises because of obedience and I began to see much fruit. A heart of flesh is moldable while a heart of stone remains the same.

If you are stuck in old seasons, ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart. Ask Him to show you if you have a heart of stone. Being a born again believer doesn’t mean you’re all there; so don’t shy away from more because of a religious mentality. Be willing to change, to grow, to learn, to be corrected – it shows maturity. It also shows your love for Him. If you have strayed from the truth (Jesus), repent and ask the Lord to give you a heart of flesh. If you are dealing with brokenness and your heart has gone cold, pray; ask the Lord to give you a heart of flesh. If you are struggling in ministry because of other peoples opinion; pray and ask the Lord to give you a heart of flesh. Obedience is born out of submission. A heart of flesh is born out of submission and repentance. Don’t stay on the sidelines, jump in; He’s got you. Don’t ignore the convicting of the Holy Spirit, lay it all down and let Him do what He needs to do. Don’t be afraid of the process of Him changing you if it gets uncomfortable.


Lord, give us a heart of flesh and take the heart of stone; stubbornness and pride from us. Holy Spirit, teach us how to yield to You in every season. Amen.



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