Matthew 14:14 Though Jesus wanted solitude, when He saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, and He healed the sick and the lame. (The Voice)

I love how God uses numbers to speak. I saw 14:14 in a post then felt led to Matthew 14:14. The Voice translations version spoke to me. Compassion drove Jesus to heal the sick and He forsook the solitude He wanted. Jesus was always filled with compassion for those who were suffering


How many times do we find ourselves in a similar situation? You’re on your way home from work, you’ve had a tough day and all you can think of is resting with a good book, movie or whatever relaxes you but then God draws your attention to someone – a homeless person or the person in the car next to you or maybe that mean cashier at the grocery store and He speaks to you about them and asks you to bless them.

What do you?

Just like Jesus, we need to have compassion and reach out to the one God has put on our path. That homeless person needs to know Jesus loves them. That person in the car next to you needs a smile or that mean cashier maybe dealing with a really hard situation at home. We are to be the light 24/7.

Quick testimony – Earlier this year at a grocery store check out line, the manager of this particular store was manning the cash register I was at. He was nice to the person who was before me but for some reason, he didn’t like me. I was stunned by how rough he handled my groceries. He was rude, didn’t smile and lumped my groceries into one bag . I’ll admit, I got angry and I looked at his name badge with a plan to call the corporate office and complain. He pushed my groceries aside as if they were garbage, turned to the person behind me with a cheery voice and a big smile on his face. I took my bags but before I left, I felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to thank this man and wish him a good day. I didn’t want to do it but I turned and said, ‘thank you so much. Have a wonderful evening’ and left. I don’t know what his reaction was, I didn’t stop to look but the joy that filled my heart had me fighting tears. I have no idea why this person who I’d never met and never saw again – the store now has a new manager – chose to treat me like that, but God had another plan. He used me to bless that man with kindness and filled me with His joy and love.

God knew why that man was mean and rude and He had a plan to fix things.

God always has a plan.

Be the hands and feet that God can use. Be available, despite the type of day you’ve had. You never know, your blessing maybe in that person you are to help, pray for, encourage or smile at.


Love and blessings!

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