Solitude – New Season

Luke 5:16 So He Himself often withdrew into the wilderness and prayed. (NKJV)

Luke 5:16 Jesus repeatedly left the crowds, though, stealing away into the wilderness to pray (The Voice)

God makes His men in solitude – Eric Gilmour past few weeks, I have posted little. I felt I needed to step back and seek the Lord for this new season. This year, I felt to have a Facebook ministry page, I resisted that since I already have this ministry and blog here. However, the Lord another plan.

In September, I attended a conference (Jesus 17 by Jesus Image) and it’s there that the Lord really dealt with me concerning my calling and things He’s put in my heart. Lou Engle made an altar call for women; to step up as the Lord has been highlighting women to come to the front lines.

I answered the call. As I stood among women crying out to the Lord, I knew my life as I’d known it would never be the same again. I was reminded of Esther. Mordecai told her what had been planned for the Jews by Haman the kings right hand man. (Esther 3) When Mordecai asked Esther to speak to the king, she hesitated as only those summoned by the king were allowed to approach the king.

Esther 4:13 Mordecai: Tell Esther, “Don’t be fooled. Just because you are living inside the king’s palace doesn’t mean that you out of all of the Jews will escape the carnage. You must go before your kingIf you stay silent during this time, deliverance for the Jews will come from somewhere, but you, my child, and all of your father’s family will die. And who knows? Perhaps you have been made queen for such a time as this.

This verse was a game changer for Esther just as that altar call was a game changer for me. I knew it was time to step up and step out of my old season and step into the new season. I couldn’t afford to keep stalling. I couldn’t afford to be ‘replaced’ because just as He chose me to carry His mandate, He is able to raise up another to take my place if I refused to step up to the plate. When God calls us into ministry, He prepares us. He equips us before He sends us out and just like Esther, we have to spend time in solitude and seek His face for instructions and strategy. A week after Jesus 17, I created Arise 3:33 (Facebook Page) I started posting but felt I was out of order so I dialed back and started praying.

I needed to know what His desire is for this new ministry and I also felt, things would change for Anchored In Christ Ministries.

I’m excited for this new season. With God, we are always moving from glory to glory but it is imperative that we remain connected to Him. His desires should supersede our own. His vision should be stronger than our plans; we get to give up the old wine skin and the old wine (old season) and receive the new wine skin and new wine. Jesus has to be the foundation of our ministries.

I felt there are people who need to read this message and understand that your old season cannot carry you into your new season. Old strategies can no longer hold the new vision and for you to keep moving forward, you need to withdraw and pray. Jesus did it. We all have to ‘withdraw’ and pray, that doesn’t mean you walk away from your ministry or job unless the Lord asks you to step back for a while or leave your job for full-time ministry. I know my time at my job is limited and I’ve made my peace with it. We have been commissioned to go and share the gospel – seek the Lord for the vision before you step out. Let Him make you in solitude and DO NOT despise small beginnings. However, don’t think you are insignificant, don’t sell yourself short and never ever think you don’t have what it takes. If He has called you, He qualifies you – if you need to take classes for ministry, do it. Also, never ever think you can do anything in your own strength – we need the Holy Spirit. Be a person of prayer and the Word.


Love and Blessings!

9 thoughts on “Solitude – New Season

  1. POWERFUL!!!! As I read this message God took me on a journey back over the last nine years, and my heart rejoiced. I thought about Moses and Joseph, being prepared to walk in their God-ordained purpose, while tending the sheep in the pasture. I thought about David being prepared to for leadership, while spending years of serving. I thought about John, being tucked away on the island called Patmos, while being equipped as a messenger to send letters to the seven churches.

    Oh what a beautiful thing it is to see, embrace, and understand the seasons of life that God leads us through. Oh what a blessing it is, when we learn to surrender and submit to WHATEVER God desires to do in us, so that He can work through us.

    A powerful message my sister, and I know that you will walk powerfully in all that God has in store for you. Continue being obedient to God!

    Peace & Blessings!

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    1. Haaaa!!! You had me shouting HALLELUJAH!!! I felt like you were preaching!! Good stuff!! Th journey is part of the process. Every called and chosen vessel has to go through preparation – thank YOU so much for encouraging me brother. I really appreciate it!

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  2. Just read the book of Esther and talk about flipping the script, God did that. He totally interrupted everything going on in the natural, and performed the supernatural!

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