Mended By You

Psalm 147:3 He heals the broken-hearted and bandages their wounds.

Last night I was watching ‘Lost and Found on Netflix. It’s about kids in a music camp/school. They write songs and perform them in front of other camp students. The first song had this line, “I like to have my heart broken by you…” It had a catchy tune and beat to it.


This morning I woke up with the song in my spirit but instead of “I’d like to have my heart broken by you,” I started hearing – “I’d like to have my heart mended by you. Immediately, I knew the Lord wanted me to address emotional wounds and trauma.

Jesus sees all your hurts, He knows the source and He has the solution. He is the solution.

As I continued to hear the lyrics on repeat in my heart – I felt His love deeply touch the recesses of my soul and cradle it with such tenderness. I saw Him leaning in, waiting for sons and daughters to cry out to Him, to invite Him or welcome Him in their pain/struggle because He desires to walk with them, to hold their hand and let them know He is there and begin the healing process. I began to hear people praying scripture and Jesus looked almost pained – they had no faith. Doubt clouded every word they spoke. Insecurity and fear of leaving the now familiar territory of pain stopped some from pushing through for emotional healing.  Some have been hurt for so long they don’t even know if it’s possible to be free.

Image result for mended by you>I was taken back to my childhood – my teenage years were painful. Some people started accusing me of things and no matter how many times I said I was innocent, I was punished. I was called names that stuck with me and I ended up broken inside. I came out of my teenage years believing I was disposable, worth nothing and no one cared about me. I also believed God was not for people like me. In my mind and heart, I believed my lot in life was to suffer, endure pain and I had to suck it up and figure out how to live a normal life.

As a result, I shut down emotionally. You see every time I was accused, I would pray and ask God to end it and when the accusations and punishment didn’t stop, I stopped praying and believed God didn’t care about me.

His innocent blood was shed so we may be free

After I rededicate my life to Jesus, I went through painful seasons of healing. God had to peel many layers and I’ll be very, very honest with you, there were times when I resented God for putting me through this process of healing; I mean He’s able to just take it all at once but He chose a different path for me and I’m eternally thankful because of those He uses me to reach. Patience and compassion was cultivated in me and when He places someone in my path that has deep wounds, I know what to do – He leads, I follow and help people.

You see, God took a very broken woman and made me completely whole and I know for a fact, He desires to do the same for so many who are hurting. 

***The emotional prison is real but there is one who is able to penetrate the steel cages of hurt, turmoil and trauma; peel years and years of scabs and heal deep wounds with just a touch of His love.***

 “I’d love to have my heart mended by You…” I saw Jesus take a fishing net that had holes in it and quietly started mending it and the song intensified in me – “I’d love to have my heart mended by You” over and over and over – it echoed in my heart with such desperation I wanted to weep. As He mended the fishing net, it began to sparkle every where He’d mended it and it was like a new net.

He makes all things new Revelation 21:3

Image result for He makes all things new

Jesus desires to heal and mend many hearts. So many are in need of a new heart – emotional trauma keeps so many in emotional prisons and they go about life with unhealed wounds covered by decaying scabs. They in turn hurt others or settle for less.



Sons and Daughters – He is able to heal you, give Him all your cares, no matter how bad it is, He desires to take it and heal you. If you are the offender, He desires to set you free and make you whole. I want to encourage somebody to not give up, don’t quit, He hears you. I quit because I thought He didn’t care but that was a lie from the pits of hell. There is hope. There is someone who cares – JESUS. The cross was for a reason and every hurt we have gone through or caused was laid on Him. Let Him mend you and make you whole.

I’m here for anyone who needs emotional healing, I’d love to pray for you.


Love, Hugs and blessings!

13 thoughts on “Mended By You

      1. Thank you. That is very sweet of you. I think I have asked for enough. My kids get just enough food. Somehow, we seem to keep our water on, lol. I’m still alive… I believe my path is lost for mourning my own sins. Even after asking forgiveness of them. I don’t seem to able to get past them. People talk about the glory of God in heaven and sitting with him in his kingdom. I will be happy with a sanitation job (I will work for free! 😉 ) in heaven cleaning out the gutters in the lowest kingdom of God. That is supposed to be Eden like… SO, the sewers can’t be that bad. lol… I tend to rely on humor when I talk about uncomfortable subjects. Thank you for your words and very much for your prayers. Though, I know there are much more deserving people than myself who need them.

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      2. Ask for more, He’s a Father who loves giving good gifts to His children (Matthew 7:11b) I used to be where you are, sins spoke louder than the Cross and the fact that He says He remembers our sins no more. It took Him asking me, “What right do you have condemning yourself when I have forgiven you? Wasn’t the cross enough?” Then I saw my past and the slate was clean 😭😭😭 I had cheapened the power of the blood without realizing it but then that’s what the devil wants. Accepting forgiveness is through faith – and trust and taking Him at His word. (1 John 1:9).

        We will be seated with Him, even when we clean the loos 😆😆 we’ll still be sitting with Him and enjoying ourselves. Who knows, we might do a few skits, have Heavens Got Talent or Do You Think You Can Dance 😃😜, God has a sense of humor brother. And you are worth praying for, so deserving like the rest of us. Have a wonderful and blessed thanksgiving with your family. Praying abundant blessings over your household! Cheers! 🍷

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      3. I can testify to Him having a sense of humor and He has an infectious laugh! Just relax and let Him show you Him. You’ll be amazed. He’s so easy to be with, so easy to talk to and very patient. You’ve got this coz He’s got you!


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