Spirit Of Intimidation

Spirit of intimidation.

Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb….

Mark 16:15 And, He said to them “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature”.

Saturday morning a memory flashed before my eyes. The Lord proceeded to lay out the following for encouragement to those who are dealing with this spirit of intimidation.


I had finished preaching and a friend and I were praying for a woman who was in bondage that had affected her physical mobility. As I was praying for her, the Lord showed me the source. It was spiritual. I shared the revelation with my friend and we prayed for the woman and the other people involved. This woman used to love holding onto our hands so her holding my hand didn’t set off the alarm until she bit me. She clamped her teeth on the back of my hand so tightly, it hurt and no matter how hard we tried to get her to let go, she wouldn’t but kept biting harder. We rebuked that spirit and it let go.

The demons holding her captive had been exposed and they were clearly not happy. They lashed out at me in hopes of shutting me up and they’d hoped to draw my blood…there is a deeper meaning to this but I won’t get into it, I’m not led to go there yet. This woman reached out for my hand and I let her hold it. When I looked away she tried to bring my hand to her mouth again. I turned and rebuked that demon and let the woman continue holding my hand. She never bit me again.

I kept going back to preach with this truth in my heart – I was covered. Jesus had me.

There are some who are going through different levels of demonic attacks and while we can deal with that particular demon, the root needs to be uprooted as well. Ask the Holy Spirit to expose the root; what is hidden in the dark then deal with it as the Holy Spirit leads you to. Finances, marriages, health, relationships are some of the areas the devil may come after and since he doesn’t know when to quit, he always overplays his hand….ooooh BUT GOD!!!

This is what the Lord wants you to know. Intimidation and fear are the devils tactic to keep you dormant. If the devil can get you to abort anything from God, he will come after it but be encouraged beloved, the Blood of Jesus already paid the price and it still speaks for us. Understanding your calling, level/sphere of influence is key to steadfastly and faithfully pursuing and fulfilling your mandate no matter what storm the enemy tries to bring your way. For those that are getting attacked by the enemy, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t quit. The Lord has already equipped you with every tool you need to walk it out. Team up with the Holy Spirit and let Him guide you and always find rest in Jesus. Don’t let the enemy cause you to leave the process, go through it trusting that God has a purpose for the process. Don’t despise humble beginnings. Be obedient, faithful and commit to God and His process. Be careful to not take the counsel of man above the counsel of God. Turn a deaf ear to your critics or anyone who tells you to step aside when God is saying step in and stay in the process. The spirit of intimidation may not always use fear, it might disguise itself as the angel of light and reason and try to sway you out of Gods covering.

Trust that you are called to a greater purpose and that you my friend have it in you to step into your destiny AND fulfill your mandate.

Love & Blessings!

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