Who Are You Aligned To?

Mark 4:33-35 Who do you think are My mother and brothers? Looking around, taking in in everyone seated around Him, He said, “right here, right in front of you – My mothers and brothers. Obedience is thicker than blood. The person who obeys Gods will is My brother and sister and mother (MSG)


Related imageJesus didn’t minced words here. He didn’t leave His assignment just because His family wanted to see Him. He didn’t stop teaching just because He was being called upon. When the distraction came, He used it as a teaching moment. Jesus drew boundaries here. Our families, friends or stuff should not pull our attention from serving the Lord. We need to set boundaries and stand by them; we should also honor and respect other peoples boundaries. Whether you are in ministry or not you need to know who is around you. Who we align ourselves with is important as our company defines us. You occupation or calling cannot afford to have distractions. You can’t afford to have people pulling you away from what you are supposed to do; it will fail or suffer.

I Samuel 15:22 …it is better to obey than to sacrifice…

Looking back to my childhood, I remember my mother’s diligence in stewarding what was given to her by Jesus. I don’t recall a moment she sidestepped the Lord. That was our foundation: God first, family then ministry. Her work didn’t interfere with our family life and our family life didn’t interfere with her work for Jesus. That was just how things were and an unspoken support for her commitment allowed her to do what she was called to do. As a mom, I’m forever thankful for the example my mother set for me. From a young age, my daughter has understood this principle. Any time I asked her, “Who’s the best?” in her precious baby voice, she’d say “Jesus” She may not have understood what that meant but as she’s grown older, she’s seen just how much we both live by that confession.

Image result for yield and surrender to JesusWe have to continuously yield and surrender when we feel the pressure of stuff calling for our attention. Just like Jesus, we have to remember that our circle has to be as His was – the person who obeys Gods will is My brother and sister and mother. I’m very blessed to have a child that loves Jesus. This has made it easier for me to step out and do what I’m called to do. The reward has been a beautiful relationship the Lord has cultivated between us. I’m also very blessed to have friends who are just as committed to the Lord and are obediently serving Him. No one is perfect but we have each other for accountability. We speak life and lift each other up. The great commission has got to be fulfilled and each of us has a role to play in it.

Proverbs 16:20 God blesses those who obey Him; happy is the man who put His trust in the Lord (TLV)

Jesus never left His position to go see what His mother and brothers wanted. He must have perceived their need was not urgent. As you step out in obedience to the call of God on your life, ask for wisdom, discernment, understanding of what is required of you and the strength to remain grounded when distractions come. Pray for friends and leaders that are spirit lead. Be someone who is obedient as well. Don’t allow people or things to determine your obedience level. Set boundaries. If you need prayers or want to chat, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Love & Blessings!

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