Pick Up Your Mat And Go

I tell you, get up, pick up your mat and go home – Mark 2:11

What if this man had not believed Jesus? What if he had allowed the discontent of the crowd around him to get in his head? Vs 12 tells us the man got up, picked his mat and hurried away…(GNT)

Think about it…he hurried away….he didn’t allow the crowd to cancel his blessing. He didn’t allow their issue with Jesus to delay his miracle. He turned a deaf ear to the naysayers. It wasn’t about them yet they chose to put in their 2 cents of religious grabarge in the midst of his ‘moment’ but the man chose to HEAR Jesus and he decided to obey Jesus and got up, picked up his mat and walked. He didn’t hang around because doubt is contagious, he wasn’t about to remain bound because someone had an issue with how Jesus was doing thing (Jesus had initially told the man his sins were forgiven – vs5)

That is how it should always be. When God speaks – we listen and HEAR what He says and take it to account. No matter what the ‘crowd’ says or how things look like, we should always pick up our mats and walk. This story isn’t just for those who need healing. This is a wonderful lesson we could all learn from.

Mark 5:36 Jesus paid no attention to what they said but told him, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

Related imageThere are times when Jesus will give you a big dream that no one else believes in and some will talk you out believing. The seeds others sow in our lives are important to them and to us. Choose what seeds need to get in your ear and what you need to toss. Don’t allow man or things around you to dictate how things pan out. That crazy vision, dream, prophetic word that God gave is His to fulfill. Your job is to believe and run with the vision. I love what Jesus tells Jairus in Mark 5:36…only believe. Jairus was faced by an impossible situation, his daughter had just died and those who’d brought the word of her death told him not to bother Jesus. Jesus comforted Jairus and told him not to be afraid,  but only believe. We know that Jesus brought back Jairus daughter to life. (Mark 5:41)

The paralyzed man and Jairus have something in common, they chose to believe Jesus who inturn did the impossible. What many would walk away from, they clung to: belief.

I want to encourage you to day to dare to believe. That mountain can move. That storm can still. That sickness can be healed. That dream can be fulfilled. That vision can come to pass. That journey can be travelled. No matter what it is, when Jesus speaks just believe. Always follow His instruction and when the noise around you gets loud – just believe. When your circumstances look impossible – just believe. When it looks like things are dying around you – just believe. Believe Him and keep getting up, taking your mat and moving forward.

Love & Blessings.

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