Back To Basics: Part 1

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created everything: the heavens above and the earth below.

I’ve been desiring food I have not liked or eaten or thought to eat again like tuna and coffee. I was craving these while losing interest in beef, chicken and bread. Bread was a staple food in my diet and not one day went without me eating it. I puzzled over these changes and realized something interesting. The way I’ve been reading and digesting the word had been changing too. I’m not saying God got my attention to what He was doing by changing my diet although He has changed it in some ways. I had a system for reading the Bible I’d cultivated for years and it suited me just fine but it was no longer enough. I had this new hunger I didn’t fully understand for the word. I was standing on the diving board of the word and the only way to reach the deep was to dive into the deep end.

It was time for change

I stepped back and asked the Lord to guide and show me what his desires were when it came to us:He and I reading the word. What was the Holy Spirit showing me? His answer though simple shifted something deep in my soul. “Go back to the basics, go back to the beginning.” He started giving me random chapters from the Old and New Testament. The hunger in me wasn’t satisfied. I boldly said, “Papa, this isn’t enough, there’s more in You for me. You’ve left me with a starvation for something deeper.” The Lord was looking for commitment from me.

What was I willing to do to go deeper? What are you willing to do?

By His leading, I lay down what I knew. He wasn’t taking it away but desired to add onto it. God is a God of increase and the one thing I’ve discovered is how much He desires to walk deeper and deeper with us. He has a depth we should always yearn to know. Excited for this new adventure I said yes and felt myself shift into a new level. I felt like I was floating while God was building a new foundation for the season I was at. His word is everlasting and we are to move from glory to glory as Deep calls us unto deep. He took me back to Genesis over and over again until my curiosity was stoked.

What was it about Genesis 1? What was so important? What had I missed?

In the beginning before all time was the Word, and the Word was with God and the word was God Himself – John 1:1 (The Voice)

It was time to go back to the basics where it all began. It was time for me to sit and be taught by the One who inspired creation, the One who spoke it into being. I was determined and committed to travel through time with God for what He had instore for me. “In the beginning” I’d here these words almost every day and each time I read Genesis 1. Then the Lord started telling me to “park right here.” meaning remain on Genesis 1 for a while and after sometime, I felt my body shift and I travelled back in time in a vision. Genesis 1:2 became a reality. The earth was without form and an empty waste and darkness was upon the face of the very great deep. The Spirit of God was moving (hovering, brooding) over the face of the waters. (AMPC)

I can’t fully articulate into words the feeling that still grips my heart of what I saw but it gave me not only greater understanding of the power of God but also who I am as His child.

… be continued…..

***Out of nowhere, time, space, and all the living whirl forth as God speaks the universe into existence. With the utterance of His voice, creation takes form, chaos yields to order, light eclipses darkness, and emptiness fills with life*** (The Voice:Genesis notes.)

5 thoughts on “Back To Basics: Part 1

  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Sis!!! The Lord really spoke through this in more ways than one. The Lord’s led me on a spiritual revival over the last eleven years, both physically and spiritually. I know exactly what you mean. When the Lord changes us, everything changes….WOW!

    So, a few minutes ago, I sat pondering these exact words about change. I’d also shared with a guest speaker Friday night at our Youth Lock-In that several years ago the Lord led me to get a big jug to start saving money in, and led me to write on it, Change Makes a Difference, but not just money, but heart, mind, and diet….WOW!

    Thanks for this message Lord. I hear Ya….Check this out also…..

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    1. Glory to God! I’m so glad it blessed you! There’s a place we get with Him that completely ruins us for everything else. We’ve got to be completely laid down. And, He is worth it. Love the big jug/change story. It’s a good lesson not just for us but our children as well.
      Such a blessing to hear from you Bro! Many blessings!

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