Back To Basics: Part 2

Genesis 1:2 At first the earth lacked shape and was totally empty and a dark fog draped over the deep while God’s spirit hovered over the surface of the deep waters. (The Voice Bible)

Have you ever wondered what the Holy Spirit was doing hovering over the waters? And for how long did He do that? Well, these are some of the questions I’ve asked the Lord. From experience, God doesn’t do or reveal things without intention so I know there was a reason why the Spirit hovered the waters and there is also a reason why God had that written. Do you suppose this is one of the hidden mysteries we are to search out?

Proverbs 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the glory of kings to search out a thing.

So I began asking questions and waiting for His answers. I’ve spoken to a few people concerning this; the Holy Spirit hovering over the water and when released to do so, I’ll share what we’ve discovered (sorry 🙂 ) AS I read more about creation, the Lord brought to my attention small details I’d missed. It was important to Him for me to know and I am glad for it.

  1. Water existed. The Spirit over the water.
  2. Darkness existed. No, this is not the darkness of sin or the enemy.
  3. In Genesis 1:7, God separated the expanse separating the waters above and the waters below. Yet the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters. How?

Why is this so important to God for me to know? I must confess I’m still waiting for His revelation.

Romans 11:33 We cannot wrap our minds arounds God’s wisdom and knowledge. It’s depth can never be measured. We cannot understand His judgements or the mysterious ways that He works.

Then the Lord spoke and said, ‘Let there be light”, and the was light Genesis 1:3. The power of God’s voice on display as He continues speaking and it coming to pass just like that. Over and over He desired me to read His spoken command and the result of it until I felt His voice vibrating in me. I echoed His words and felt a surge of life rushing through me. He wanted me to know how precious His voice is. His voice carried so much weight in the beginning and it still does today. Whatever God has told you, hold on to it and watch it come to pass. (Isaiah 55:11)

I feel so much closer to Him travelling through the word at His pace and gazing upon His face as He reveals what is precious to Him. I’ve come to enjoy and cherish the realness of the Word, how tangible He is and feasting on Him as the Holy Spirit reveals the nurturing oil of His glorious presence that we all desperately need.

Remember, Deuteronomy 29:29a The secret things belong unto the Lord our God, but the things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever.

This is a glimpse of my journey with the Lord in the beginning. I highly encourage to dive into the Word with Him. Partner with Him in ways He desires you to and enjoy your adventures.

FUN FACT: In Genesis 1:24 God called forth the animals before He created man (Genesis 1:26). In Genesis 2:7, 19, God created man and animals from the ground. Man was created before animals.

Love & Blessings!

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