The Love Letter

Song of Solomon 5:9-10 My heart is Your captive…You have stolen it with one glance…how beautiful is Your love…it is more pleasing than the finest wine and the fragrance of Your perfume brings more delight than any perfume. (The Voice Bible)

I sit here and talk to You for hours. It doesn’t matter what we are talking about as long as it’s with You Jesus. Your frequency. Your sound. Your vibration echoes through me and I rest. I rest in You knowing Your heart desires me to rest and receive of You. 

Who is like You? No one one and nothing can put You to shadow. Love of my life. Peace of my heart, my joy and delight, how I long for You. I gaze upon You and delight in Your song. I thrill at Your lovers touch upon my soul and breath the freshness of Your presence. Just like the wind sparks the flames, Your gaze ignites a passion deep within me, inflaming my tender heart to want, to pursue Your presence.

Jesus, yes, Jesus. My heart calls to You. My soul sings a chorus born of aching tenderness for another touch, another whisper and the sound of Your beating heart. I long to remain hidden in places untouched; uncompromised that are only found in You. Deep is calling me unto deep. I answer and yield to a culminating oneness with You. Keep me with You Beloved, keep me hidden in the folds of Your love, in the cleft of Your presence where the echo of Your voice nourishes me to richness.

My perfect one, the echo of Your heart draws me to look, to taste, to feast and drink deeply. I am lovesick. I am beyond infatuated. I am in love with the man Jesus. He is the One my heart longs for, the one my heart delights in. He has kissed me with the kisses of His mouth and leads me to the meadow of His garden, to rest my head upon His heart and dwell in the secret place where He abides. I have found bliss in the shelter in His presence.

Love & Blessings!

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