Top 100 Christian Women Blog

So this just happened! has been selected as one of the Top 100 Christian Women Blogs on the web by I’m overjoyed, extremely humbled, at a loss for words, yet doing a praise dance because God deserves all the glory for this. Thank you so much for selecting and featuring me.

Stepping out and sharing what God lays on your heart may seem easy to some but for an introvert who’s overcome extreme shyness by the grace, mercy, love and tremendous patience of Jesus Christ, it’s been quite an adventure. When God first told me to keep a blog, I thought He was kidding…literary but over the years, falling in love with Him more and more and the desire for others to know Him and be known by Him drives me. He chooses us for a purpose and partnering with HIm leads on a journey that transforms us and places us firmly at His feet to glean more from Him.

This ministry focuses on honoring women who are stepping out to be a blessing while learning from each other. Please check them out at They have wonderful blogs that will bless you and inspire you to fall more in love with Jesus.

Love & Blessings!

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