Face To Face

My heart is Your captive… Song of Songs 5:9

I sat contemplating on Your presence, soaking in You, receiving from You. You came and sat in front of me. In Your eyes I saw a myriad of emotions on display so I looked deeper into the eyes that have captured my heart and captivated my attention. I felt drawn in as I leaned in to see what You so lovingly offered and my heart raptured in the intensity of You. I was encapsulated by the depths I saw in You and I knew this was a moment of no return. I didn’t want to turn back but run into Your gaze and lose myself in You. I wanted to find in You everything You desired me to know about You.

(I find that love is more than an emotion, it is a person; the man Jesus Christ – Bridal Encounters)

Face to face we sat in silence and looked at each other for long moments. It was as if we had just met for the first time yet the familiarity of our union was strong as our bond runs deep and holds fast. You reach my heart with Your gaze, You ravish me with Your breathe and soak me with Your presence. You know, Your words are precious, they are like a building block always adding while Your gifted hands continue crafting me to the likeness of You.

I belong to my Love and He has desire for me Song of Songs 7:10

Beautiful One, You have my heart. What an honor to have the opportunity to have Your heart that is so pure and holy yet, You trust me with it. In Your eyes I see love, joy, contentment, peace…a plethora of emotions only fitting for the perfect and flawless Bridegroom but when I saw longing and wonder in Your eyes, I was undone. I am Your creation, You know me through and through yet You look at me with wonder? Shouldn’t I be the one who gazes at You with wonder? Who am I that You are mindful of me? Who am I that You gaze at me with such longing and beauty and wonder? How beautiful You are, my love and how pleasing (Song of Songs 7:6a)

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