I Burn For You

Photo Cred: Bridal Glory International http://bridalglory.com

Song of Songs 4:9 For you reach into my heart. With one flash of your eyes I am undone by your love, my beloved, my equal, my bride. You leave me Breathless, I am overcome by merely a glance from the worshipping of your eyes, for you have stolen my heart. I am held hostage by your love and by the graces of righteousness shining upon you. (TPT)

A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting in Downtown Atlanta by Bridal Glory International. During the last day of the event, I was watching this lady dancing for the Lord with a worship flag. I saw flames of fire as she waved the flag. As I watched the play of holy fire and worship entwine and release a sound that ascended into the throne room, Jesus appeared before me and started saying to me, “I burn for you. I burn for you. I burn for you….” I felt a surge of fire slam into me and I broke down. His love deeply branded me and embraced me into oneness and union with Him. I was left raw and vulnerable to His gaze and touch as groves were curved into my heart by His devotion and declaration.

Song of Songs 4:11 Your words are like the honeycomb to me…(TPT)

It is one thing for us to sing, pray or tell the Lord we love Him or burn for Him. We ask for more and hunger for the things of the spirit and pursue wholeheartedly what has been availed to us. It is a whole another thing to see the perfect Bridegroom passionately declare His love for us. I’ll never forget the look in His eyes as He told me how much He burns for me. Jesus loves us deeply and is very affectionate in how He tells us and shows us of His affection. He is undeniably the greatest love of all time and the one who can steadily and unfailingly love us perfectly.

Union with Him comes when we are face to face with Him, when we chose to entwine ourselves to Him for all of eternity and a love that is unrivaled. I pray this blesses you and creates a deeper hunger for Jesus and that we will all continue to fall deeply in love with Him.

..if you ask me why I love Him so, O brides to be, it’s because there is none like Him to me. Everything about Him fills me with desire and now He is my beloved, my friend forever. Song of Songs 5:16 (TPT)

P.S: The blog picture was the actual person who was dancing at the meeting. Photo Credit: Bridal Glory International. Check them out at www.bridalglory.com

Flag worshipper: Bongeka Samantha Nqoko http://visionsforthisage.com

Love & Blessings!


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