My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, My darling, My beautiful one, come with Me. (The Voice Bible)


About a month ago in my heart, I started hearing the song Yeshua by Upper Room. The chorus, “Yeshua….” kept replaying in my heart over and over again. I started singing over and over again. There was such a deep desire in my heart as I sung. I felt like a lovers call had gone out from the Bridegroom and my heart was answering the call.

Yeshua – Upper Room

This went on for a couple days. One day as I was singing I saw the heavens part and Jesus stepped out riding a white horse. The more I sang, the closer He got. He came and stopped in front of me as I continued worshiping Him. At one point I looked up from bowing and saw Him reaching out His right hand. I placed my left hand in His and He lifted me up and sat me in front of Him on the horse. I continued singing as we ascended into the heavens and into the bridal realm.

I pray this blesses you and creates an even deeper hunger to remain in constant communion and abiding in His presence.

Love & Blessings ~ Eunice

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