The Captivated Bride

Song Of Songs 1:16 My Beloved One, both handsome and winsome, You are pleasing beyond words. Our resting place is anointed and flourishing, like a green forest meadow bathed in light. (TPT)

I saw Him standing on the mountaintop. He was gazing at me with a yearning that possessed my heart. I stared back and drank the sight of Him leaning in for a whiff of His fragrance: Rose of Sharon. I recognized the fragrance, it is one my Beloved always wears. I hastened to get to Him, lovesick and hungry for His touch. He ran to me and picked me up, carrying me in His arms to the mountaintop where the chamber of our union lay.

Look at You my dearest Darling! You are so lovely. You are beauty itself to me. Song of Songs 1:15a – (TPT)

My love, my dearest one did not forsake my desire to abide with Him in mystical union where ecstasy wraps around oneness. “How beautiful you are my love, how your eyes shine with love”, He whispered these tender words as His eyes bore deeply into mine looking at me with unrelenting love divine.


With a tender touch, my fingers splayed upon His cheek. With a sigh, I drank in the soft caress of His breath upon my soul. Gazing at Him drowns me in Him. His eyes are piercing with a love so tender yet consuming. He is graceful and swift. When He comes closer, I am captivated anew. He is so lovely, like the linen tapestry hanging in the Holy place.

I know my Lover is mine, and I am hidden in Him. We delight ourselves in each other.

My King, my dearest Beloved, “Your presence releases a fragrance so pleasing . Truly, Your name is Flowing Oil. No wonder the brides to be adore You. No bride could keep from loving You. I am confident that I am Your rose, the very theme of Your song. Overshadow me with Your love and remain my steadfast companion.”

My Love is close to my heart. He kisses me with sweet kisses and delights in me more than wine.

Beloved…take me away with you….lets run away together…

Blog inspired by Song of Song 1 & 2. I pray it blesses you and takes you deeper in His presence. Soak Him in. Dwell, linger, remain….abide

Love & Blessings,


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