I Blossom In His Shade

I blossom in His shade enjoying the sweet taste of His pleasant delicious fruit, resting in delight where His glory never fades – Song of Songs 2:3b

I stepped into our place of meeting and immediately knew He was close. Smiling I turned and saw Him resting under the oak tree. He was waiting for me. He stood up opening His arms and I ran to Him. I flung myself at Him and snuggled into His embrace.

“Do you want to take a walk with Me?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered knowing that an adventure awaited us.

He walked us to a meadow. It had beautiful flowers. I could see a hummingbird moving from flower drinking the hidden nectar hidden within. I smiled knowing that was an invitation to draw from Him. I drunk in His fragrance just like the Hummingbird fed on the flowers nectar. I feasted on His presence until I was intoxicated by Him. (I LOVE HIM)

He smothered me with His kisses…I drank them in like the sweetest wine Song of Songs 1:1

We then walked a short distance and came up to a flowing river. There was a gentleness to the flow that spoke of harmony. The water sparkled and I knew if I drank it, the waters would be sweet. Knowing what was on my heart, Jesus led me to the river and watched me as I knelt and cupped the water with my hands and took a drink. I sat back and looked up at Him grinning.

“I knew you would like that.” He said chuckling.

He sat down next to me. I leaned on Him and we watched the water in silence. Words were not needed as our hearts joined in love communicated everything we felt.


I am a garden He loves to tend for I am yielded to His will. Brides to be, because I abide in Him, I bloom. Where He places me I bloom. I am never without Him. This is the fruit of abiding.

The words of the Bridegroom King, an invitation to His bride: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If you hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to visit with you and to share a meal at your table and you will be with me. For if you abide in Me, I will abide in you and you will bear much fruit. (Revelation 3:20; John 15:5)

To the one who asks what the adventure was, He is the adventure. 🙂

Love & Blessing, Eunice.

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