Blissful Encounter

I woke up in the wee hours to the sound of heavy rain. I listened as rain drops pelted my bedroom window and embraced the silence beyond the sound of rain. I could feel something beautiful, tangible penetrating through the silence. I sat with my gaze on my Bridegroom waiting to see where He’ll take us. I knew He had drawn my attention to the sound of rain and the silence beyond the rain.

In a few minutes, I saw the way, the path He had revealed in the rain soaked ground and in the spirit, hand in hand with Jesus we got in the path and started walking forward. As rain fell on us, soaking us we walked, silently embracing the adventure of oneness in Union and companionship with each other. Our journey felt holy and anointed because holiness and anointing held my hand. I didn’t speak. He didn’t speak. We just walked.

In the rain, we stepped in a clearing of beautiful sparkling waters. I knew instinctively to the taste the waters would be sweet. I tightened my hold on His hand feeling the excitement building and resisted the urge to run forward. I wanted to be in sync with Him, step to step; heartbeat to heartbeat. He smiled knowing my excitement flowed from Him and my restraint was not to try and get a head of Him but to go in His pace.

Upon reaching the waters, we stepped in and I saw the sparkle covering both of us. The radiance of His person was the sparkle in the water reflected by Him and now covering my being. I yielded as intense feelings of love and belonging, an infusion of oneness like I’ve never known before engulfed me. I knew at that moment He was taking me deeper and higher in Him. Step by step in the water, deeper and deeper I was transformed a new and shimmered with glory. Glory was beside me and He desires the mystical Union of oneness between us to go to another level. The Bridegroom, the One, the Beauty of Intimacy and holiness settled us in Him to abide and belong as if time never existed. The waters of transformation became a glass floor, a chamber where He and I dwell in blissfully ecstasy.

May this year be a year of bridal encounters, a deeper awakening to deeper places in the Bridegroom.

Love & Blessings – Eunice.

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